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Gsd- related -Yesterday a bird blew into the house. I had the sliding door opened. The dogs were outside playing so they did not seem to notice. The bird first landed on the basket on the kitchen table and then flew to the corner of the room and scooped up a wad of shepherd hair. Another bird flew close to sliding glass door looking in. Then the bird flew right out with the hair. It looked like the birds were casing the place for some nest making material and hit the jackpot lol!

The Ghost in the Darkness and the Ultimate Showdown both came to mind!:LOL:

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Our first GSD zipping through always made me laugh and smile and who can resist being happy when assaulted with kisses. Keep running with the clouds handsome!
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Now there is our newest boy. He looks broke. maybe he is. tile is soooo comfy. And there鈥檚 the 鈥淚 have attitude鈥 just-try-to-pet-me edge that only a puppy can display.


This is such a fun thread!
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