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I wouldn't do it, for all above mentioned reasons, as well as potential dominance issues. Dogs often sort their dominance by age. Kind of like respecting their elders. If they're the exact same age, there's more chance that they'll fight for top position. We had 2 French bulldogs that were litter mates. Given, they were both (neutered) males, but I think it was more their age that constituted to their problems. If we pet Yoda, Aiden would attack him. If Yoda tried to eat the same time Aiden was eating, he'd attack him. If Yoda had a toy Aiden wanted, Aiden would attack him. He wanted to be top dog, but Yoda wasn't going to let Aiden boss him around like that and he fought back. They couldn't sort out their dominance, so we rehomed Yoda. We felt he'd fare better in a new home than Aiden. After Yoda left, Aiden turned into a new dog. Much more loving toward us, and more willing to do things for us.
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