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The answer to that question is...


And for every reason mentioned and more. Everyone thinks that their 2 puppies will grow up together romping and playing, providing entertainment for each other and their happy owners who sit back and watch their family. And then after a few months reality sets in. You have 2 puppies who would rather listen to each other than you. 2 puppies who have anxiety when separated from each other. 2 puppies that escalate each other's bad habits. 2 puppies that make twice the mess and twice the expense.

Like others have said. It can be done. We did it. DH and I raised 2 puppies once and it was basically like we each had our own puppy. He would take his puppy for a walk and I would take mine. They really needed to separated the majority of the day from each other. So not the situation most people think of when they consider having 2 pups together.

This is a good article about the pitfalls of raising 2 puppies at the same time.
Raising 2 pups at one time in a Family Setting
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