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Hello Guys,

I got Bucky a week ago and now he's around 9 weeks. I've been following the potty training instruction to always take him outside to eliminate. However, we live in a 3-story townhome and I start to think if I should change the spot for potty training.

Bucky currently stays with us in the bedroom on the second floor at night in his crate. He wakes up 2-3 times per night and I take him out through the garage door on the basement level. Basically, I have to go down 2 floors and go through the garage to let him out. We don't have a yard but the good thing is there are grass and trees right outside the garage door. However, thinking of how big he can be in a couple of weeks and I had to carry him all the way up and down (breeder said no stairs before 5 months), I'm seriously considering to let him our through the front door at first floor instead of the basement. I can benefit from not carrying him for an extra floor but the challenge is outside front door there is only a limited square of grass place and I'm not sure if he likes to change the potty spot.

Is the puppy able to figure out a different eliminating place? Should I change the potty training spot?
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