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Hi everyone. I've been trying to do my research to ensure we set ourselves up for a greater chance of getting a healthy GSD. After researching breeders who have GSD pups similar to what I'm looking for, I've narrowed it down to the following top two:

Misty Ridge - Maryland
Little Creek - Virginia

The third, EZ Brook, never returned my call or correspondence.

Does anyone have any experience with these two breeders? Both sets of GSDs are beautiful and I'd hate for it to come down to cost. Both seem to ensure they will provide hip/elbow OFA screening and DM DNA testing results for the Sir and Dam. Health and temperament are of utmost importance. Appearance is second, and all four parents are gorgeous. We are more partial to black and tan stock coat, but most we've seen are black and red, stock coat -- some longer than I'd like.

Anyway, any/all opinions welcome. Thank you!

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