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A Husband and Wife are shopping at WalMart and as they're going down one of the ailses, the husband puts a case of 24 Budwieser in the cart.

The wife says "What do you think your doing?"

The husband says "It's on sale, $10 for 24 cans."

"Put it back we can't afford it." demands the wife

So he puts it back. They go down the next aisle and the wife picks up a jar of face cream for $20 and puts it in the cart.

"What do you think your doing?" asked the husband.

"It's my face cream, it makes me look beautiful" replys the wife.

The husband retorts,"Well so does 24 cans of Budwieser and it's half the price"

P.A system, comes on. "Clean up in aisle 27, we have a husband down!
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