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This story is from my husband's secretary . This is the same dog that caught the burgular in her house and even the cops couldnt free the burgular from the dog. Too Funny!! What a dog!!

A little background info on this dog to start with. She’s a Shepard and a
bit goofy. The owner ( who you will read about in a moment is always telling
Rick...I've gotta talk to your wife about my dog.)

To illustrate why I said the dog was goofy ( and not really part of the new
story...but worth mentioning) is the fact that a few months back Jason ( the
dogs owner) came home after a night out with the boys. Now not drunk but with
a good buzz on he walks into the house and hears this somewhat loud buzzing
noise. He starts going from room to room trying to find the source. He was
even turning things on and off to see if the noise would stop... but to no
avail. As he gets closer to this one room not only does the buzzing noise get
louder but he hears a very low yet distinct moaning. He walks in and finds...

The dog spread eagle across the foot massager he bought for his wife for
Christmas...the foot massager is turned on high and buzzing away...the dogs is
sound asleep...tongue hanging out and just enjoying the ride!

Jason wakens the Mrs. up to see this show. She, upon seeing the time and her
husbands somewhat buzzed state, wakes up and a bit irritated says" this
better be pretty good! Otherwise I'm kicking your drunk ass down to the couch!"
And gets out of bed to see what all the fuss was about.

After she picked herself off the floor from laughing... she told her husband
"that dog just ain't right and I'm NEVER using that foot massager again!’’

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That's one of the best I've heard! I had to get rid of my massaging foot soaker thing - it drove Gracie nuts - she tried to bite it and drink out of it at the same time - silly puppers!!!

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what a great dog! LOL I bet their life is never dull at home!
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