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She still doesn't trust us (non-GSD)

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After all that we've been through together, you'd think that Molly would trust us. If we don't mix some canned food into her kibble, she goes and checks Elmo's bowl to make sure she didn't get jipped!

A few days ago, my husband said he gave them just kibble. Elmo ate his with no complaints. Molly followed him around the kitchen trying to tell him "Excuse me...but you forgot something." My husband said he made himself a sandwich and took his plate to the living room. Elmo came over and sat in front of him. He was sniffing the air because he could smell the meat. My husband looked over and Molly had her face in her bowl, but wasn't eating. She was staring at him to make sure Elmo didn't get a piece of the sandwich!
He said that she kept an eye on him for 10 minutes! She is such a silly little girl.
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LOL that is funny never a dull moment with this breed and they are way too smart for their own good sometimes..LOL
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