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Yes, my mother dearest admitted to becoming much more fond of larger dog breeds than small ones after living with Chance. xD (We have a Chihuahua, a Pekingese/Pomeranian and a Chi/Pek/Pom. P/P has been with us since 5 weeks old, she's 10 years now. Chi has been with us 4 years and is 6 years old. And the C/P/P was a erm. Mom not listening to me "accident" and she's now 3. xD Chance has been with us all of SIX MONTHS and won mom over and got her to admit to liking bigger dogs better than little ones!
Which reminds me, it's now after 12am!! My babies a year old! 8D) Mom said she'd actually have another large dog if it weren't for the fact she didn't want anymore animals. She did say that if my grandparents ever gave up their dog (a 100+ pound, guessed to be, Rhodesian Ridgeback/Mastiff mix who I would have gotten had I not adopted Chance, anyways. They came from the same Animal Control/were there at the same time.) that she'd take her as a playmate for Chance. XD

This is the woman who never really believed in large dogs living indoors but admits he's a good boy inside. x3 At first, she wasn't even going to let me have Chance because of his breed and wasn't going to let him come inside at ALL once I finally convinced her GSD's aren't bad dogs (Grandparents used to have a GSD/Collie mix who was AMAZING but mom still wasn't too sure about owning a GSD. Though as a "private groomer" to a Rough Collie, I think I'd be more scared of a Collie than a GSD any day.) so long as they're in the right hands. I convinced her to let him stay in the garage with me, which she agreed to. Problem was, it was the middle of winter and so I had to open the large door everytime he had to go out and walk him around to the fence. So against her will, I started bringing him through the house to go outside saying that it was too cold on my caged pets (ie. rats) to be opening the large door because it took too long for the space heaters to heat the room again. (Which was true) She wasn't happy but she agreed. Then my brother decides he wants the garage for his Mustang project. Obviousally I wasn't going to live with a car. So I convinced mom to let me come back in the house and have a room but the deal was, Chance had to come in or else the car was going to sit in the drive way. Which mom wasn't about to let THAT happen. xD (It barely looked like a car it needed so many repairs) So she let me and Chance come inside.

She's actually said in the past that if I took the upstairs bedroom (Only room in the house with carpet and shes NEVER let the dogs up there!) that she'd allow Chance to go up there with me to stay.
Which REALLY says something because seeing as it has carpet and we're already looking to sell the house, she doesn't want it ruined by dogs. But admits that Chance is better behaved (And of course has WAY better potty habits. My boys never gone in the house except when he had Parvo and couldn't control his bowels at which time he was in the garage anyways so yeah) than the other 3 dogs.

It makes me feel all happy and stuff to know she really does like Chance. Silly as it may sound. Something told me there was something special about that "liver nose in the window" and he truely is something special. Especially to win over my mom against her ankle biters.

My sweet Prince.
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