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Shane's first Carnival

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I don't know whether to add this in brags or stories, nonetheless, I need tell this story and how proud I was with Shane and his first carnival. The noise, the rides, the smells, the ICE CREAM!

I will admit he did freak out at first, but once he calmed down, Shane and I took a stroll around the carnival. I was watching his body language, seeing how he reacted with everything, he was very tense. Although people wanted to come up to us and see the "pretty dog" I knew it wasn't good timing (I got a lot of dirty looks but I don't care
). We continued to walk and walk, and I saw a dramatic change in his demeanor. He was relaxing. He relaxed so much that I allowed the first person to approach (btw, the actually ASKED to pet Shane
). Shane was perfect.

A child approached, asked me to pet Shane, and I showed him how to approach a dog. We continue to walk and people are approaching, and Shane is taking this stride, adults, children, teenagers and even a toddler who FELL ON SHANE and then continue to CHASE him around the area (I wasn't so mad at the mother, she was really trying to grab the kid, with no help)!! He was what I called perfect. He just took things in stride...until.....

Our first dog
. Standing 3 feet in front of me. What amazed me, Shane saw the dog before me! I felt the tension in his body, I looked, his hair WASN'T UP, HE WASN'T BARKING, HE WASN'T SNARLING, HE WAS JUST WATCHING!!!!!!! OMG, a DOG was 3 feet in front of me and Shane just stood there. I nearly died of shock.

Next incident, another dog, again, Shane just stared at him. The other dog, he was a terrier, barked at Shane and Shane just gave one of those "aw shut up" kinda barks! No snarling, no growling, I can't believe how good he was.

Shane allowed all strangers to approach him, he allow dogs to walk by him, he was able to trust me to know those strange noises won't hurt him.

What I was most happy about, I was able educate some children on how to approach a big dog they don't know. When I saw a child coming running up to us, first thing I do is stop that child dead in his tracks...and give them a firm lecture how to approach Shane. I could tell the parents, as well, were interested in my lecture lol.

One teenager did get a little touchy feely with Shane. He deiced he wanted to HUG Shane, poor Shane just looked at me and said "WTH is this kid doing?" I was so happy, he just stood there and let it happen.

I even come across adults, who were actually educated!!! I was so happy to hear how a parent would tell their child "never run up a strange dog, you have to ask her first." I smiled and said, that's right and showed them how to approach.

All in all, I just want to cry, I want to hug the life out of Shane because he made me so proud. He was like an Ambassador for a well behaved German Shepherd. He was good, he got not one but TWO vanilla ice cream!

I have to add, I felt so much pride when I hear people say "MY, what a BEAUTIFUL dog!"Here some the kids go "WOW, LOOK HOW BIG HE IS!" I even heard one child ask if Shane was actually a ride lol. It's nice to hear, especially, when there are other SMALLER, Cuter dogs around. My German Shepherd was the bella of the ball! So please everyone, Celebrate Shane's big performance!!! HIPPY HIPPY HOORAY FOR SHANE!!!!
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