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Shane is lonely

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Tonight my cat is spending the night in the animal clinic (he had a minor procedure, he is doing well). Well, I didn't realize Shane would miss him so much. He is pacing around the house looking for his buddy. Every time we ask him "where is the kitty-cat" he goes ballistic looking for him. I find this strange, since the cat is nothing but mean to him! My cat, Stewie, believes he rules the world and everyone else is beneath him. He picks on Shane a lot, and Shane will just take it (this is one of the reasons we won't leave them alone. I am afraid Shane will reach his boiling point and just snap). Anyhow, I honestly thought Shane must dislike Stewie for all the trouble he put him through. But now, I as I watch him search the house high and low, he must really love the guy...and love being abused. I do have the strangest dog.
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I think that is sweet!!

My two female GSD's have come close to killing each other several times (not exaggerating either). We have to take a lot of precautions and do a lot of researching on doggie behavior to keep us all coexisting in peace.

However, despite these "feelings" they sometimes get for one another, if one is away for whatever reason the other totally flips out!! They sink into depression mode, and wait by the door for the other one to come back. It's too weird!!

Give Shane belly scratches for us!!
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That's sweet!

I had a Stewie cat. Romeo was Siamese - SO MEAN to Rex. I had to take his front claws out becuase he wouldn't stop scratching the dog, the walls, attacking me in my sleep, etc. He could be very sweet when he wanted something...

The day Romeo came home from declawing, he walked up to Rex and took a swipe on his nose - Rex was laying down napping. The cat stepped back and stared at his paw in horror. Then he wound up and popped the dog so hard I heard his nose go PLINK! Mean mean cat.
So get I picked up my cat from the vet after spending 2 whole nights away from home (Shane was not happy about this). The vet was telling me what to do...yadda, yadda...and then tells me, keep him away from the dog for a few days, I am thinking "duh."

I get home and I set the cat up in the basement (finished basement) where it is nice and cool (90 degree weather all weekend!). As go back up to get some food for him, Shane is dancing by door wanting to see his "friend". I firmly tell Shane no and go sit. Well, I must not have closed the door properly, because I come down stairs to find Shane...and this is what kills me....Stewie (the cat), is laying on the couch and Shane is sitting on the floor with his head on the couch looking at him as to say "hey little buddy, you ok?" He wasn't jumping, excited or overly hyper, he was there as if he was checking on him!! And Stewie, actually let Shane sit there without causing a fuss! I thought it was the sweetest thing. Maybe this will bring them two closer together!
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