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shaking- nonGSD

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I am dogsitting my sister-in-laws 9.5 yr old lab while she is on her honeymoon. She warned me that Scout had started having these times when he would shake and get distressed, but i had never seen him do it. Last night at 3am Kali came to get me and I found Scout shaking and drooling, and though he was standing he seemed to be having difficulty walking. I sat with him and stroked him and eventually he settled, we went outside and he went back to sleep. He seems perfectly fine today. Has anyone had an experience like this? I know she has brought him to the vet and they seemed to think it was a stress response. but I am not sure what was stressing him at 3am.
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My Lab Sam is thunderphobic and does shake and drool when he hears noises that may sound like thunder .. However, he does not have problems walking. Has your SIL or her vet thought about seizures? I had another older lab who started having partial seizures and would become ataxic, "star gaze" and have head twitches.
I am not sure. She is off the map right now, so I can't get any more details.they might be seizures, but he seemed pretty aware of me -- tried to follow me, and wanted to go downstairs.
Do his limbs get stiff - like he's trying to stretch them out as much as he can?

If so - it's a seizure. Our Cocker has these. He shakes, get stiff legged and sometimes loses control of his bladder but still can focus on us and is aware of what's going on.

We just hold him until it's over (do NOT make a huge deal of it - just keep them company). When it's over he tends to sleep it off.
I was a bit out of it (not always at my best at 3am) but i did not notice that he was stretching out as much as he could, but he was sort of crunching up which might be a muscle tightening thing. I did just sit with him and pet him until it was over and then we went outside, and he went back to sleep. he seemed fine this morning, very playful and happy. He is just such a great dog, we have known him all his life, and he and Kali are such good friends. It is hard to see him in such distress.
Oh my :S my GSD did the same thing, I thought it was seizures at first but it turned out to be a symptom of kidney disease... she would hunch up, shake, and drool. I also read that that is a symptom of pyelonephritis (kidney infection). If it is seizures, then usually they lose consciousness or lose bladder control (not always but usually). Does he look to be in pain? It's probably worth getting a blood test for BUN/creatinine in any case to check the kidneys. I wish I had done that sooner.
Best of luck.
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