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Shadow's front leg now! Help!

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I would love to hear from everyone on this. But I even more so want to hear from Jean. You responed to me about Shadow's foot. He was just at the vet Sat on the incision on the top of his back foot not healing.
Now I have another appointment for him today. He is limping again. I at first thought it was his back foot getting worse. I thought oh know the antibotics are not working he is getting worse.
Well it is his front leg. Up in the shoulder area. He can hardly walk. I do not even know what he has done. I would normally maybe wait a day to see if he just twisted or something. But now with him. I have had him such a short time and have had so many problems with him, I want to take him today.
I was worried that it might be pano. Which would be ironic because the rescue told me he had that before I found the would on is back foot myself. I called them and said he does not have pano he is limping from a wound.
I hope it does not turn out that he does have pano.
Could his shoulder be out of place? Do you think the vet will X-ray? Or should I really wait a day?
Shadow's body shape has changed since I have had him. He has continued to gain weight but he is longer and leaner. I just took him off puppy food, but it was large breed puppy food.
Thank you!
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I am lost on this one! I am really sorry-poor you and Shadow. Sometimes it just takes time to work out a muscle strain, but I am usually too impatient and want it checked out like you are doing.

I have never had a dog with Pano either (at band camp or otherwise)!
I think my foster puppies were adopted out before hitting that stage, or too small to be the type.

On that other thread I am going to give you a list for dermatologists. I waited a long time before taking Nina to a dermatologist and I wish I had done it sooner.
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Sorry for asking, but how do you know it's his shoulder area??

Why do you hope it's not pano?? Pano, which can be painful when the have it, is a self limiting and will pass once they are done growing.
Pano is a much better situation than a dislocated shoulder.
If he already had pano it could be pano again. It usually comes and goes and moves from one leg to the other.
Originally Posted By: DinoBlueSorry for asking, but how do you know it's his shoulder area??

Why do you hope it's not pano?? Pano, which can be painful when the have it, is a self limiting and will pass once they are done growing.
Agreed I would rather wish it was Pano then something more serious and not fixable. Pano you can handle and it will go away eventually.
I also would much prefer the pano over anything else. It does no permanent damage. Max suffered from pano for well over a year - until he was almost 16 months old. It wasn't constant, but I was so worried I took him to a specialist even after my vet (whom I trust completely) diagnosed the pano. It was confirmed by them and we just had to wait it out. Luckily, buffered aspirin worked and we didn't have to go the route of Rimadyl at his young age.
If the young dog is limping I would also hope for Pano. Pano while painful for the dog is not really all that bad, time helps the situation.
What kind of LB puppy food was he on, just out of curiosity?
Onyx he was on Iams.
Dino blue I thought it was the shoulder because he is laying weird and I rotated it and he yelped.
You are all right, now I wish it was Pano. I did not because I have heard and I know with my friends St Barnard the lamness never went away. Permanantly lame. That was my fear with this puppy.
I just got back from the vet. It is and I know I am not going to get this spelling right OticItis. Something that effects their elbow joint. It slips out. I am SO upset right now. He recommend rymaidal for a few days see if he comes right. He could feel the grinding. He is going to have to have x-ray (be sedated while being x-rays).
To confrim this and how bad it is. It may need surgery. And this is a dease that they (youn GSD's) get and who knows about his other elbows, right?
It is just one thing after another.
First my JRT, then my Beagle. Now Shadow. We have spent so much money on vets. Right now I am so mad at irresponsable breeders. Back yard breeders. Do they not realize what they are doing?
I am sorry, this is just all building, I have read so many sad things on here. We love Shadow so much, i just am not sure how much more I want to put him through or my family. And the rescue I got him from is so overwhelmed, I know he is better off with us, to put him through more changes right now would be cruel.
Sorry I feel like such a whimp, there is so much more on this site that people have been through. I just do not know how much I can take, dog after dog being sick.
Plus my kids watching all this. They just want to play with Shadow. Now I cannot even walk him. Which I was really starting to dig.
I guess I better get myself together. Thanks for the responses.
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Originally Posted By: KShortI also would much prefer the pano over anything else. It does no permanent damage.
I agree, me too. Pano will eventually go away and won't leave the dog with any permant discomforts were something more serious could.
I just called the vet back for the spelling. He feels it is Osteochondritis.
Shadow's leg- Osteochondritis

Hey Kelly,

I changed the subject title so maybe some folks that know more about this can help.
Hopefully the meds will help. I am thinking he will have to have xrays though, to make the absolute diagnosis?
I dont know, but I will look for some good links.
Wishing you the best

I found one link, looks like it is a spectrum of elbow dysplasia
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Re: Shadow's leg- Osteochondritis

Daisy1986, I am sorry about your pup, but PLEASE understand that this is a problem within the breed and it has just been recently that there was any screening on Elbows. It is genetic, but can also be nutrition or injury. Even a sire and dam with clear elbows can produce bad elbows.

Re: Shadow's leg- Osteochondritis

Thank you for that Val that is very educational for me. I have the up most respect for breeders that screen. There are some that do not even know about it. That was what I meant by back yard breeding. I was upset.
After reading about the condition I see it nutrition could be the cause.
And from Shadow's foot, nail, and coat troubles I am sure that is the cause.
I am going to take a deep breath and pray this turns around over the weekend. It could be just an injury.
Although I feel the grinding too, and he holds his legout in front of him. And his age is dead on for this to show up.
Re: Shadow's leg- Osteochondritis

I know how upsetting this stuff can be. Hang in there.

Re: Shadow's leg- Osteochondritis

Thank you
Re: Shadow's leg- Osteochondritis

OCD can be in the elbow but it can also be in the shoulder. Hard to tell from your post where your vet thinks it is. I would certainly have him looked at by a specialist. A friend with a young Border Collie recently had surgery for OCD in the shoulder and he came through it just fine and was back to normal in no time. It was not a complicated surgery and the dog is back running agility again. It most likely occurred due to growth spurts because he is a very tall and leggy BC.

I've also had elbow dysplasia surgery on one of my GSDs, although for a different type of dysplasia, there's three kinds. I would strongly recommend going to a specialist, that's the only way you'll get an accurate diagnosis and prognosis, IMO. Good luck and try not to worry.
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Re: Shadow's leg- Osteochondritis

I friend of mine's pup had the shoulder problem and had the surgery, she is learning to do agility and has recovered from her surgery also.
Re: Shadow's leg- Osteochondritis

At Kansas State there is a dermatologist (he also has very bad paw pad problems) and looks like an ortho vet too: and have some good information including on that second one, click on orthopedics and you have a link there to the orthodog group on Yahoo.

Sometimes it seems like one dog gets all the issues wrapped up together and it is very difficult.

There is a very nice person on this board with a GSD named Heidi and they have been through so many different health problems-so there are people who understand.
Re: Shadow's leg- Osteochondritis

Sounds like you've been through the ringer

When Dante's OFA came back as Dysplastic in one elbow I found this website in my wanders around the 'net - it continues to be one of my favorite for Ortho "stuff"

I do second the suggestion of a specialist, it can make a lot of difference when it come to orthopedics, hopefully if you don't know one already your vet can recommend one.

Dante will keep his paws crossed and I'll keep my fingers crossed for swift healing of your boy!!
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