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I believe the landlord was here trying to fix the washing machine. Laundry room is right outside my door. It is possible that they dropped or banged something that startled her. Ironic that my reason for going out today was to find a laundromat. They were supposed to have fixed it last week, then said they were coming on the weekend. I was out of clean clothes so needed to go wash clothes. Figures they would show up the one day I leave.
That explains that. If dogs could just talk - obviously only when asked and only for situations like this! - it'd be be easier to understand some things.

But, they do have a reason! Just because they aren't sick, they still - in their mind - have a legitimate reason for the new 'tude!

Glad you figured it out...Shadow "knew" all along LOL!

As always, all the best to you both!
81 - 81 of 81 Posts