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SF Bay Area meet 6/21/08

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Samuel & Kayla, (Everett54) and Fodder & Tilden, and maybe Gia, and I, (with Dena & Keefer & hubby Tom) will be meeting at beautiful Fort Funston in San Francisco for a walk on the beach with our doggy pals on Saturday June 21st. The plan is to meet in the open space to the right of the parking lot between 10:15 and 10:30 AM, and start our walk at 10:30. It would be great if other Bay Area GSD people would like to join us!

Info with a link to directions here: Fort Funston

This is a wonderful off leash area with gorgeous scenery, heaven for dogs that love playing in the water or swimming. If you'd like to meet some really cool dogs (and their owners!), and are curious about FF but not sure how your dog would do at an off leash park, feel free to walk with us sans dog.

Here are some pictures of past adventures at FF:

Our first vist - Keefer was just a 4-1/2 month old puppy, and the dog to the right is Bavo, owned by board member Berger Allemand

We might see some horses

A view from the top of the dunes before we head down to the beach

A previous meet with 6 GSDs, a Belgian Malinois, an English Bulldog, and Shorty

Dena & Keefer enjoy the beach at low tide

Swimmin' dawgs

Another previous meet with mspiker (Melissa and her hubby) & Levi & Leyna


Anyone who plans to come should reply in this thread so we know to look for you before we start our walk. Also, FF has limited facilities, just portable toilets, drinking fountains and garbage cans at the top of the dunes. Suggested items to bring are towels for your car, balls, frisbees or kongs, a collapsible water dish and water for the dog, grooming implements if you want to get the sand off before your drive home, and of course, a camera. Hope to see some of you there!
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Even though I can't come ... I wanted to reply anyway ... GREAT pictures!! That looks like so much fun for everyone involved!! I escpecially love the picture when they are jumping over the pipe - that is awesome!
and poop bags!!!
Yeah, and poop bags! I actually HAD that in there, but when I was previewing and editing I managed to delete it.
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Okay, Karin & Heidi are going to try and make it!

Any other San Francisco area members?
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Could you fly Rafi and I out there? Pretty please? It looks like so much fun!
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Too bad you guys are so far away, we'd LOVE to meet you and Rafi!!!
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I will bring Juli with me for the meetup at Fort Funston if my wife is feeling well enough after her neck surgery on the 9th. I'll post a followup if I can't make this meeting, but I'm sure Juli will have a blast on the beach and with the other GSDs.

Anyone else in the SF area that would like to join us for a beach walk with the dogs, please check in!
My husband Paul and I are planning on coming. Miss Sierra will
sit this one out, though!

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Originally Posted By: valbMy husband Paul and I are planning on coming. Miss Sierra will
sit this one out, though!

Hope we'll get to met Sierra the next time around.
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so the list thus far...



gia's out. my brother has dibs on her and will take her with his dog to do something more low key. when she gets sore, she gets grumpy, and i admit i dont want to have to keep my eyes glued to her and her ball the whole time since she'll be around dogs she's unfamiliar with.

CM - i'll pm you my number when i get to town, just so you know i've made it and in case you need to contact me for any reason saturday.

also, just wanted to add, if anyone is still undecided, please check in by friday evening so that we know to look/wait for you.
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Yes, good idea Fodder, I was going to post the list and ask people to check in and confirm that they'll be there, I just hadn't gotten around to it yet. By Friday evening is fine, and I'll also check here and my PMs before we leave Saturday morning too, just in case.

I think it's a good idea to exchange contact numbers by PM. Some people haven't been there before, and if they get lost we can talk them in. I already have Samuel's and Val's numbers.

General notes for everyone:

Be prepared for cool foggy weather, but it could be nice too, so dress in layers. There's a pretty good walk up the dunes from the beach to the parking lot, so it's best to have something you can take off and tie around your waist or stuff in a pack if you get hot.

Wear comfortable shoes or sandals that can get wet, the waves can be unpredictable. Also, expect your clothes to get wet and sandy. Even if you manage to stay out of the water there will be lots of dogs running around covered in sand and shaking water all over the place.

Our usual walk takes about an hour and a half if it's just us. With a group it will take longer since we'll be spending more time standing around talking and watching the dogs play, so plan for at least 2 to 2-1/2 hours.

If you're not comfortable with your dog being off leash I'd suggest bringing a long line rather than a flexi, and letting them drag it.

Oh, and bring you camera, and don't forget to charge your battery!
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We would love to come, but have a commitment at noon and that makes it too rushed! Darn. Definitely next time. Siena likes going there, even though she doesn't socialize, she loves the ocean and chasing balls/frisbee
It's a great place!
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Diego & family so wanted to come down & enjoy the day with everyone but being 2 hours away & 250 mile round trip at $4.55 per gallon pretty much settled it for us. maybe we will go to Folsom Lake (10 miles away) & have our own mini hike!

Have a good time all! Hope to join you next time.
I'm sorry that Diana & Richard with Siena, and Diego and his family won't be able to make it.

Booey, I figured your crew probably wouldn't come - it would be a REALLY long drive for you guys. Have fun at Folsom Lake!
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Originally Posted By: Cassidys Momit would be a REALLY long drive for you guys. Have fun at Folsom Lake!
You know, it wouldn't be such a bad drive if it weren't for the gas prices. I did that drive almost weekly from Davis to the Bay Area..but gas was only $1 something a gallon back then!

I wish we were coming up to the Bay Area this weekend too! I hate to think how much it is going to cost us to drive up there this fall.
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Davis to the Bay Area has become a daily commute for many these days. Yuck.

The next time you come up, hopefully we'll be able to put together another meet.
Daily commute? YUCK is right. I've done round trips in a day (several times) but never daily. The traffic is terrible in places (especially getting to my parents on the peninsula). I do miss it up there though.

We'll definitely have to do another meet up. We should be up at least once (maybe twice) later this year between Sept/Oct and Dec.

Enjoy Ft Funston this weekend! We'll be hitting the beach down here, I'm sure.
As of right now, the San Francisco forecast for tomorrow is 73 degrees and mostly sunny. It will probably be a couple of degrees cooler on the coast, but that's still pretty darned good - we may just have a nice sunny day at the beach!

See you tomorrow!
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