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Set back with DeeDee

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Last weeks storms really unraveled my little DeeDee girl. We had made such progress that she cold be in her crate in the living room for some storms that were short in duration. But the storms last week, really unsettled her. Her normal safe zone in in her crate in our bedroom. I was taking care of other things and she really got rattled, destroyed the crate door. If I don't have in in the crate she will destroy the 6-panel oak door, dig up the carpeting or tear apart the drywall walls.

We just had a little storm go through early this evening, well she is just frazzled. I took her out after the storm had passed to go potty, well she went potty to please me, but she is not happy with me at all. She won't let me do her ear rubs, she really doesn't want to go in her crate, she doesn't want me to touch her, but she doesn't want me to get to far away.

So I have to go back to some of the things that helped her and see if they will work this time. If not I need to new tricks. I have tried the T-shirt, T-shirt with body wrap, Comfort Zone on a bandanna. Things that didn't work here Melatonin and Rescue Remedy.

Hopefully when I go upstairs for bed, I can get her to come on the bed and let me do some ear and head work on her. I am going to slip her Comfort Zone bandanna on also.

I hoped she wouldn't have a setback like this, but as I always say when put stress on dogs they will revert to their genetics, all the training in the world can not over come genetics. It can help, but not cure.

I am just sad that this had to happen to her. She is such as sweet little gal that is very special. I know I can get her back again, I just hate seeing her this way.

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Ah, Val, I'm sorry. I know how hard it is to see that. Both Chama and my cat are getting more and more timid as they age and they set back further and further, it seems. I just want to be able to hold them and tell them everything will be ok but it doesn't work.

I hope DeeDee is able to settle down and take comfort from you.
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Thanks Ruth. I am hoping that she will spend some time with me on the bed tonight. I have to say that the storms last week were pretty bad, the house was vibrating from the thunder and the wind was really bad. I was pretty concerned for a bit.

I have just had a bad dog week and this just really hurts my heart. Tuesday Cheyenne lunged at one of the feral cats that jumped out in front of us, well she tore some thing up in my shoulder and my neck is not in good shape. So I am feeling a bit physically beat up and mentally drained.

A bunch of
's heading your way Val
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Hey Val,

Sorry to hear things are not going well. Do you leave the comfort zone plug in "in". I use them in the house and they are even effective with the windows open. My dogs are just more relaxed and sleep more when they are plugged in.
With the "depth" of her fear, if she were my dog I would contact a homeopath. I have an older female who suddenly developed a fear of firecrackers in the distance. This started after her rabies shot when she was 5 - she had not problems previously. I was so bad she wouldn't go out at night and would lay in the back hall by the garage (the center of the house). If the baby gate to the hall was closed she would scale it to get back there. I contacted a homeopath and filled out the questionaire that listedalot of general observations and any particular problems. This whole picture then gives the homeopath the remedy to help the body heal itself. It didn't take that many doses to help eleviate that problem as it was one of the newest symptoms. I also used homeopathy on another dog who developed some very strange compulsive behaviors following a rabies shot at 4 months, one was circling the house 3 times whenever she was told to go into her crate. Another was she would run out of the house if she heard the word platz. She has none of these behaviors any more and has become very affectionate when she was previously very stand offish.

I have since taken a bunch of homeopathy courses and treat all my dogs for minor things and also myself. Seeing the healing effects on the animals really makes a believe out of people because you are definately not dealing with the power of suggestion.

You might want to check out this yahoo group:Classical HomeopathyPets

Otherwise I would suggest tranquilizing her with ace or perhaps a muscle relaxer like robacin and once she has been clam gradually wean her off. I had a rescue who was freaked out by fireworks (even on TV) and my old vet gave me some herbal "tranquilizer" that I had to give himprior to sunset each night (he would get anxious every night after the 4th of July). I will try to find out what this was, but his anxiety wasn't even as bad as your girl sounds.
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GS Mom,

We tried Ace, she has such a slow metabolism it takes no kidding 2 hours or more for it to take effect and then when it is only suppose to last 4 hours she is out for 8. The problem is we don't have 4 hour notice that storms are going to pop up and I really don't want to have to keep her in a drug stupor all summer.

I am going to get the Comfort Zone plug in and a new crate. I have found a place where I can get the four point door latching system. She isn't a chewer so I am going to look for a nice plush cuddly animal that I will spray down with Comfort Zone when I have to Crate her.

Oh I forgot to mention she is one stubborn little gal. Even when she isn't stressed, if I ask her to do something and she doesn't want to the little snot shakes her head no at me and stares me straight in the eyes. She is my little character, say where is DeeDee and she covers up her eyes with her paws, like if I don't see them they can't see me.

We got some sleep last night, more like naps. She would be on the bed with me for awhile, wouldn't let me do her Ttouch ear work, but I could do head massages. She would get relaxed, go jump off the bed to lay in one of her favorite spots for a while and be back panting at the side of the bed. So up on the bed more head massages, she would get relaxed and leave again.

I am not ruling out Homeopathy. I am just sad for her that she has had such a big set back. She is such a nice little sweetie pie.

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Okay Val, into a hot bubblebath for your neck and shoulder after reading this post. Oh, and I perscribe liberal dosage of Chunky Monkey, Rocky Road, Tin Roof Sundae, or even Cherry Garcia.

Now for sweet, beautiful, super-smart
DeeDee: I second the homeopathy. MyrikaBetula had mentioned that RescueRemedy did NOT work for one of her dogs, but then she tried the cream formulation of it.. and she got a better response.
Also, Maedchen had mentioned a few very good Bach flower remedies for calming a dog in general.... but I bet there are ones specific just for phobias. I don't think the bach flowers are magickal cures, but they may make things more balanced and manageable for HER.. so DeeDee herself can attain more balance on her own, and that alone would give her some sense of calm and empowerment over her situation during a storm.

I can imagine how frustrating this is for you. Hardest is maybe that she is less reachable to a degree for even her TTouch ear work. Maybe the DAP plug in will make a difference, too. The diffuser effect needs a good 5 - 10 mins to get going, I have heard. Possibly the bach flower remedies too will make a difference for her. Any chance of finding a homepath in your area?

Grimm and I are sending both you and DeeDee (and supercharged Cheyenne!
) good vibes, calming thoughts, positive energy, and prayers, too. <span style="color: #FF6600">Your fan club in Bavaria is rooting for you</span>!

Okay, TinRoofSundae and then bathtime for you.
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Quote:Oh I forgot to mention she is one stubborn little gal. Even when she isn't stressed, if I ask her to do something and she doesn't want to the little snot shakes her head no at me and stares me straight in the eyes.
Cringing as I say this: this is a symptom of cronic "dis-ease" her body in a state of imbalance. In homeopathy this would be a very specific in determining which remedy would work for her. Mental/emotional issuses are the highest value and in this will indicate why two different remedies would be prescribed for iindividuals with similar symptoms.

I would definately be using the dap plug in if you get relief from the spray. This way she will be more relaxed in general and may not have the fear rush as the storm comes. I like the Furrarri crated. The doors are very sturdy and have a bar on that lips over the top and bottom of the doog, plus it unlocks on boths sides. I just got a couple crates from N2N that have a similar feature on the botton, but the latched pull up and actually close over the top so they can't push to top open. I would also suggest turning the crate door toward the wall.

Don Hamilton DVM has a great book - Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dog - Small doses for small animals. He goes in to alot of detail about how homeopathy works and how to treat alot of acute problems - from diarrhea to bites, hot spots etc. You might want to pick this up.

I love the Bach Flowers I take these alot too. A good book is Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs by Martin J Scott & Gael Mariani. It explains what each Bach flower is for and recommends combos for specifc things in the back of the book.

A homeopath doesn't have to "see" your dog. They usually ask alot of specific questions about your dog and different behaviors, problems, likes and dislikes and based on these observations will determin which remedy is needed. Homeopathy works on an "energic" level, so it is safer than alot of the traditional medical treatments.

You could also ask your vet about a liquid or injectable tranquilizer - these act quicker with shorter side effects.
I know how hard it is when they get like this. I hope you can find some relief.
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((((Val & Dee Dee))) Hugs for you both. I'm sorry your going through this. I don't really have a soluction (I wish I did), but I know how very hard it is to see our furbabies when they are so upset like you've described. My little Shoshona is terrified of big noises and I'm dreading the 4th of July. In fact, they are already starting to be shot off. All I can do is try to comfort her. I know some people say don't overeact when they behave like this, I say Phooey!!! Thats my baby and I'll do whatever I can to make her feel better. If it means carrying her around (yep, done that) to help her then thats what I do.
I hope you find something that helps soon.
OK, I got my little DeeDee girl back on track. She just wasn't able to settle down and get any quality rest to heal her brain, so I did one round of tranquilizers. After some quality ZZ's she is back to my sweet little DeeDee. She heard Thunder this afternoon and just wanted to go to her safe place.

The other night she went in her crate and got the wind up clock that is wrapped in a towel and tied in a pillow case out and was playing with it. I think she wanted to to be ticking and it needed to be wound up again.

Glad to hear DeeDee is back to DeeDee!
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