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Seperation Anxiety?

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How do you know if/when this might be an issue? Or even if it is seperation anxiety. My pup is going to be 14 weeks on Sat. and this has just started this week. I will put him in his kennel before I leave for work, give him his Kong, turn on music and everything is fine for a minute or 2. Then it is crazy bark city up until I leave...which is only a few minutes later. I'm wondering if it is just a phase my guy is going through, or if it's a bigger issue, that I need to nip in the bud? He never had this problem before. Is this the fear stage that I've heard about?
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What I do is make getting into the crate a fun and happy thing (in fact my dogs will now crate themselves early if I get ready to leave and then get distracted...).

I have a 'getting ready to leave' routine that I alway follow (um, except when I get distracted
) but part of that is the LAST things I do is go to the treat jar, get a treat (making happy pup noises and fun fun fun noises) and then run to the crate. Toss in the treat, pup follows and THEN I LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. While the pup is still chewing on the treats.

I know some people go even further and have a wonderful treat/peanut butter filled kong to toss in with their pup.

The important thing for me is the leaving immediately. Cause the NORMAL reaction for a NORMAL puppy when stuck and separated from it's pack is to scream like a maniac so the family knows where they are and they can be reunited. So if you are walking around the house and clearly (to the puppy, not realizing that he's not able to be with you) not aware he's 'stuck' he's HELPING by telling you the only way he knows how, I'm over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The more REAL exercise, socialization, meet and greets, new sights, new situations, new smells, etc. you can offer to your pup when you are home. The more likely they will calm down faster and take a nap in the crate.
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Does the barking stop? Are you crating during the day for a short time so he he used to a few minutes of alone time? Was he recently separated and worried from previous owner? Ignoring my dog and keeping the crate covered (no access to pull in the cover) also helped. I wouldn't do anything punitive. Not getting my attention for his tantrum worked well with my dogs.
If you are doing the same routine to leave, MIX up the cues. I also never ever let my dog out if he is carrying on. Don't make a big deal of coming home or leaving.. Seprartion anxiety in the truest form is a challenge. I think his may be age related. Don't give in, be fair. Good luck
Thanks for all of your advice. It's subsided alot. I mixed up my routine, and he seems to be alot happier before we leave. Instead of using the kong, he gets a treat once he gets into his crate. I know...weird...but it works better. He might yelp a time or two until he hears the door close to the house, then he shuts up.

Now when I come home for lunch...some days he goes a bit crazy with the barking once he hears the door open. Other days I have to practically wake him up. Does anyone know why this might be? Changes in mood? Activities from the previous night? He's crated while I'm gone. And if he is going nuts with the barking, should I wait until he stops to let him out? i reinforcing the fact that it is okay to bark? I noticed that he has to "go" worse when he is barking in the crate.
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