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Seperation Anxiety ?!?

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I adopted out a GSD mix months ago and got a call from the owner today. Remi is having some pretty bad seperation anxiety when she leaves the house. Has broken out of numerous kennels. Now is in a plastic kennel padlocked :EEK!: ?!?! She poops all over herself or all over if she gets out. Owner is letting her out numerous times before she leaves and she defecates before she is put in kennel. She shreds everything in kennel with her. Owner has taken her to vet, numerous obedience classes. I talked to her about Kongs with peanut butter. I also talked about leaving for very brief periods of time. Putting Remi in the kennel, leaving house for short moments (5 min, then 10 ect), coming home letting her out but not making a big deal of it. That ANYTIME she comes home not to make a big production of it. She was crying...sounds like she is at her wits end, and I REALLY dont want her to give up...they are a great family and this dog was hard to place...I dont want her to be uprooted again. She didnt' have these problems at my house but she was kenneled next to other dogs. The problem here is she had some dog aggression..and while I could manage it, Im not sure they could...Any suggestions....I have heard about a vest for storm phobias...would this help here? They have also tried herbal drops and a pheramone collar..they walk her 2-3 times a ball with her many times a day..I need some help here!!!!! Any toys, gadgets, or behavioral tools I dont know about?!?!
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Forgot to mention they tried putting her in a small room and not kenneling her and she tore up the door. Still having accidents in the house. If they give her chew bones of any kind she vomits all over...
Tell them to get the "I'll be Home Soon" booklet by patricia mcconnell...and to figure out something to do with her during the day while they are working on it.
Medication would also help while they are working on the counterconditioning- decreases the anxiety so the dog is able to learn.

We had to get creative with our SA dog...she actually does "daycare" with another board member 3-4 days a week. Obviously we hope she won't need this forever, but in the meantime it is a godsend because we aren't at work knowing that she is in a state of panic and dreading what we'd come home to find.
I would try this thundershirt in combination with McConnell's protocol.

Dog Separation Anxiety - Treat Dogs Seperation Anxiety | Thundershirt

i have heard very good things about it.
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