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I adopted my GS-mix pup, Sadie, about 2.5 months ago. She had mange and as I found out a few weeks later, tapeworms. Both were fully treated. She is now about 5.5 months old.

For the first 1.5 months everything was normal with her bowel movements (aside from when I discovered the worms). Other than that, she would vomit on occasion, but that seemed to be due to eating too fast or eating too much grass or junk outside. Then one morning I saw mucus in her stool. The fecal test came back negative, but the vet told me she had a high bacteria count, so they gave me Fortiflora, and she's been taking the probiotic with her morning meals daily since then.

After that vet visit, her stools got looser and she started throwing up more regularly (every few days or so), so I put her on a chicken and rice diet for a few days and when things started clearing up, I'd slowly start reintroducing her regular food (Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy). Then, I'd notice the stools would get really loose again, so back to chicken and rice it was. It would range from really soft, but formed stools to cow patty consistency.

Poor Sadie was on chicken and rice for nearly 2 weeks. Then one day we came home after only being gone for just a few hours (she holds it all day while we are at work just fine) and she had a major accident in her crate. I took her right to the ER vet and they found that she had a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth problem (caused by clostridium). So, she was on an antibiotic (generic Flagyl I believe) and an antacid for the vomiting for a week. They also gave me canned Hills Prescription Diet I/D to feed her, and even though that's not the type of food I would normally choose, she does really well on it. Toward the end of the week I decided to change her regular food to Taste of the Wild, thinking the Blue Buffalo was too high in protein for her. A day after I started mixing it with the ID, she got loose stools again, so the vet told me to keep her on the ID for a while, and sure enough, the loose stools stopped.

After almost a month on the ID, I want to start reintroducing regular puppy food again, but I'm concerned that her stomach is just too sensitive. After the bacteria problem, I've also noticed that she gets runny stools and poops a lot more than her regular 2-3x a day if she has a lot of activity - doggie playcare, going on a trip with me to visit family and playing with other dogs, etc. Before that, I did not notice a difference.

I've looked at some of the other threads here, and it seems like a couple other folks may have had similar issues with their pups, so I wanted to see how common this is. I've searched long and hard for a good food to feed her and thought I was doing well with BB and TOTW.

And, I suppose it could be normal for puppies to have upset tummies after a day of play (especially when Sadie is used to being calm and chilling in her crate during the other days she is not in playcare). Could this be something she will grow out of as she gets older? I'm concerned she may have IBD or colitis. :-(

I never thought I'd care about poop as much as I do now! I'm ALWAYS inspecting her potty breaks! Whenever I see normal poop I rejoice!
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