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Our pup is almost 8 mos old. We've been feeding her twice a day since the beginning. About three mos ago she pretty much stopped eating in the am and switched to only eating at night. We've still been offering her the am feeding nevertheless and sometimes she'll nibble at it after she returns from her am walk or playing outside.

She has always been on the thin side and she's a pretty picky eater. She's never been especially "dog-treat" motivated but hot-dogs or chicken will get her to do just about anything. She's essentially housebroken, although we don't give her many opportunities to fail since she can go outside when she likes and she's crated at night or when we can't take her with us.

Anyway, I'm considering just filling her bowl in the am with all of her day's kibble and refilling it as she eats or possibly buying one of those food contraptions you fill a container and it refills the bowl as the pup eats. I think she might eat more (which the vet recommends so she can put on about 5 more lbs to get up to what the vet considers a healthier weight-she was 58 lbs at 6.5 mos and the vet would like her to be around 65lbs) if she could just nibble all day as she likes.

Any opinions or reasons this might not be a good idea?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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