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<span style="color: #000099">I am from the other camp
My girl is on the skinny side,she eats about 4 cups a day. I give her 2 in the morning,if she eats that 2 more at night. I don't pick it up,just leave it there (with the exception of when I have a chow hound foster...then it will get picked up, but Zephyr will usually eat when we have a foster,that's when she gets to a better weight also.

I wouldn't just keep filling the dish up...I have fed all my dogs this way(except fosters) BUT,I ALWAYS measure,so I know exactly what they have eaten.

My Vet suggested adding some carbs to my dog's diet to get a little weight on her. She is just naturally thin....can you imagine???

OH let me add that I feed Innova which is a high quality food. Lower quality foods usuallly require more cups a day because of fillers.

One more thing...a puppy should be monitored more closely in the food department. I can't remember when I started free feeding, but definately not a puppy.</span>
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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