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How old is Zack? Dh trained Ozzy with the bell and for a while, adolescence I threatened to shove the bell somewhere for dh.
Does he have a fairly regular schedule? Mine have (within a bit) around 7am they go out, then again around 11am, then at 1pm (when I go out to do my errands and shopping) again when I get back, then a walk around 5pm or sometimes 6pm, out again at 8-8:30 another walk or a drive at 10pm, out again at midnight then last out of the night around 2am when we go to bed. Sometimes I'm late with those times, or something crops up, but it's a fairly regular schedule, that way if I hear the bell I know it's not just boredom, it's he/she really has to go!
Sometimes I get lapse with the schedule and then I hear the bell more frequently....
I don't crate train, but maybe putting him in the crate when he comes in for a while? I also stand outside and supervise potty time because I have one who likes to wander around and play rather than go.
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