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Hi Everyone,

For the last few weeks been taking my dog to the vet as he has been scratching his body and his paw was hurt due to scratching.

Was advised to change diet, which we have now eating james well beloved dry food, which has helped his coat a great deal, the vet also put him on amoxycillin 2 a day then down to one a day but one this finished he just started scratching again, back to vet got another treatment of amoxycillin.

His skin is flakey on the back like dandruff, he doesnt have flees or anything like that, we think he has a skin problem but the vet wants to do blookd test for allergies which are 300 quid and we really think its a skin condition rather thatn allergies.

Amoxycillin nearly done scratching going to start again can someone whos had a smillar experience give me some advice or any know conditions that i could ask the vet to try treat or examine for,

Please help someone.

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