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So, I've been trying to find places where lots of people are around for socialization, and there was a parade in town. I figured, "Eh, why not? Scout doesn't seem to mind loud noises, and I haven't seen her afraid of anything. Unsure about people a little, yeah, but nothing too serious. What's the worse that could happen?"

Well nothing too bad.

Before the parade started we walked to the median, and she did really well. She didn't try to chase the cars or anything and she stayed right by my side. We settled down on the edge of the curb and she happily let people pet her, including two little babies that were just learning to walk.. To see a hyperactive little puppy suddenly get so calm and gentle was amazing, to say the least. :wub:

She did jerk to the end of her leash whenever any kids ran by or got too close to the road, but that might have been partly my fault for letting her "herd" my little cousin back to the porch when he gets to close.

She let several people pet her and performed a couple of tricks for them while we waited. She even ignored this little border collie pup that was barking at her.

Then we stood by the road and watched the motorcycles speed back and forth until the parade started, which she loved almost as much as the firetruck. I'm pretty sure she would've been fine if it hadn't been for the cymbals. She started to freak when the percussion section passed, so I walked her back to the truck. Least I know what she's afraid of now? :eek:

Anyway, it was a pretty good day, and she did really well for the most part. It's interesting because she doesn't mind fireworks, sirens, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, yelling, horns blowing, and people clapping. It's the cymbals that get to her.


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