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Took Shasta to petsmart today for some training with distractions. She's just under 7 months old. She met a dog aggressive 9 month old husky. She laid down and relaxed so the husky got the message to chill. Very nicely done. She did better than i expected on heel throughout the store. Still sloppy on her sits when we stop but we're working on it. She got to meet various different breeds of puppies. Including another GSD pup about the same age.... the other GSD pup was totally unruly and VERY badly behaved. While i'm getting compliments on how calm and well behaved Shasta was being, this poor couple is looking very embarassed by their pups behavior. They asked how i got her so well behaved. I asked what they knew of the breed. Sadly.... it wasnt much except they get to be big dogs, make good pets, like to work for their owner. They got in over their heads but havent given up so thats a good sign. Gave them some pointers. recommended this site to them. Showed them a couple training methods to use for basic behavior.

anyway Shasta did fabulous compared to what i was expecting so i'm doing something right!!! Going to be getting a slip chain though. She behaved a great deal better while we were testing one. I'm so proud of my lil puppy (who isnt so lil anymore!). She also weighed in at 48.5lbs. Wish it were more but i'm sure we'll get there. She just did so well! No formal classes or anything. just training at home. Glad to know i know what i'm doing! So proud of my pup! Now she's tuckered out and sleeping at the foot of the stairs.

Sidenote: also learned she's afraid of kittens which is hilarious because she harasses our adult cats at home when she thinks we're not going to bust her on it.
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