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I am not the TD or the helper but when asked my opinions on visitors or prospective members I do tend to evaluate the person as much as, if not more so, than the dog. I feel a strong commitment to my club, not just my own dogs and their training, and I can't help but be effected by how other people treat and train their dogs and most of the people I train with are the same way so it's important for us to have synergy and not just tolerate each other. We've had a few people come out with dogs that were fine or would have been fine with more maturity but the people just were not a fit. I think how much this matters depends on the club. Some clubs are more like training classes where you come in, pay someone, do your time slot, and check out whereas others are more invested in the group as a whole. Neither is "better" than the other, but it does seem to make a difference when a club is evaluating a potential member and dog.
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