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Hi guys,

I agree with everyone's ideas of evaluating the dogs/pups. In my opinion an evaluation is not normally always the same for me with all dog/handler teams. I have had cases where the dog looked good, and I felt the dog was a pretty good one, however the handler was simply a person that didn't fit into the group. It took me 6 monthes this last time to accept a person into our club, not because we are an exclusive group, but rather because we worked hard to create a good club with a good reputation.

As far as people go, I want to see a person that is actively looking for answers, helps during club training, and basically is a benifit to the group. As far as the pup/dog goes, most of those things were mentioned in earlier posts. Basically, I need to see something I can work with in terms of drive as these relate to a pup/dog before I can give an ok for someone to join our club.

My point is when new people come out, SchH training is generally quite different then anything they have ever done before. I really believe a combination of an intelligent handler, a good club or trainer, along with a nice dog are all needed to have success. If something is lacking in one of these areas, people can certainly compensate but for me it takes several weeks to come up with an good evaluation.

Hope this helps,
Al Govednik
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