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SchH2!!! Cito

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Cito is Csabre's "twin" and belongs to a novice handler who works periodically at OG Indianapolis...He got his Schh2 a few weeks ago at their last trial.

I also had the opportunity to meet one of the helpers from the club who knows Cito...and he worked Cito's littermate Csabre a bit and told me they were very alike - strong, stable and "real".

Cito is from Xito Maineiche and my Kyra v Frolich Haus...this was the only litter I got from Xito and Kyra....and there are 3 in Schutzhund and a Certified Police K9 with Vermont State Police from this litter...

This is Cito, Csabre and their dam, Kyra...

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Congratulations Lee! That is great news!

Your dogs are just amazing!
Congratulations to all!!
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Congrats, job well done..
congrats! and wow they are all gorgeous
Big congrats Lee!! That's got to be the greatest feeling for a breeder!!

I'm just sorry I missed meeting Csabre as she is a gorgeous dog with a lot of potential I hear!
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Yes, your dogs are amazing. Ans this must be very rewarding for the novice handler and the breeder.
Awesome Lee!! Congrats
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Lee ~ BIG, <span style='font-size: 17pt'>BIG Congratulations </span>to you and the handler of Cito. I'm sure you must be very, very proud!!

Wait a minute... LOL. One of these too...
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Congratulations Lee!!!
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I missed this one,
to all!!
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That's a brag indeed!

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