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My son went to spend the night with his friend last night and today when he was brought home him, his friend, friends little brother and mom came inside. Duece started barking, hair raised up on neck, and he peed all over the place and would not go near the kids including my son. Even after everyone else left he still kept barking at my son and would not go near him and when my son went up to him he ran from him and peed again. It took a while for him to warm back up to my son. What in the world do think made him react that way? The kids that came over were new to Duece but kids in general are not and they didnt come raising heck inside or anything like that and neither did they crowd around Duece. They pretty much ignored him and went straight in the bedroom. They only stayed maybe 5 minutes and I could not get him to stop barking that entire time. Duece is 17 wks and we have had him 9 of those weeks and him and my son have always been the best of playmates. Anyone have any ideas why he reacted this way? Especialy towords my son. Thanks!
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He could be going through a fear period? Have you experienced this yet. Things that the puppy had no issues with can suddenly scared the bejesus out of them. May want to check out these links for some information.

Though some of the above periods are supposed to be relatively fixed in the time period, others may varied from the schedules shown.

Hopefully others will come along and offer some insight as well.

Good luck.
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Only thing that I can think of is did they all have a certain scent on them. Do they live on a farm and had possibly all petted a horse (or any animal) before bringing your son home??
I just asked my son what kind of animals they had and they have 2 ats, 1 dog, and a ferrett. He said they also stopped at a deer farm on the way home and fed baby deer so maybe that was it. I didnt know certain scents could scare them
at that age anything could scare them. scents certainly are included. thats how dogs function by the scent of things.

i would work on slowly getting him out more to different places different scents, etc.

is he going to any OB classes,? it would help to work with a trainer and get professional input. when fear issues surface, its how you handle things that could make or break a young pup.

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