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When we used to catch our puppy we would say a firm no and take her outside, because of this, as the OP asked, she would be sneaky and be very quiet and hide her indoor messes. We also tried the silent technique and eventually she just started going to the bathroom indoors in front of us again. Being that both techniques didn’t work for me I have no clue which is better lol. I’m curious to see what other folks say about this.
My puppy did not have many accidents in the house but I tried the ignore and the no thing and that did not work for me either. I started using BAD puppy and a clap to get her attention and that worked for Jamie. It also works when she does something she isn't suppose to like chewing on carpet. I will tell her BAD puppy and give her something appropriate to chew on. She has not had an accident in over a month :fingerscrossed: so far with this method. She goes outside and immediately does her business. This is just what worked for me as I had the same results as you stated with the other methods.
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