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I had Sigurd potty trained within a week of him coming into my home. Not once did he poop inside. I had him tethered to me the whole time while we were in potty training, I was a hawk, any time he would so much LOOK like he was going to squat, I'd rush him out side the door within a few seconds. I think he pee'd in the house like 5 times total. When he *did* pee inside, I'd just say "uh uh" in my normal voice, pick him up and dash him out the door to finish. After he finished, I gave him a hand full of treats, made him excited, petted, scratched behind his ears, etc!

Within the week, he knew when he had to go, he had to go to the door. It was marvelous :D It was adorable seeing a wee puppy ASK to go potty at the front door.
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