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i received this e-mail tonight from my dear friend pat, at hy hopes farm (private boarding kennels and grooming salon where shep is doing his "detox" from shelter life), she says:

"hi katherine,
just a short note to let you know that shep got his bath and hot oil treatment this morning. he jumped right in the tub and was not afraid of the high power dryer. his skin looks great, maybe another hot oil before he goes home and he will be a shining star. what a love he is, can't get enough loving!! he is very sweet and wish i were in the market for a shepherd, his age wouldn't bother me! i know you will find someone for him. he would do well with an older couple, he is so gentle!"

in a few weeks, when we're sure it's safe for our kidz, and after he's been neutered, shep will come here to milan, where he can stay until we find the perfect forever home for him.

thank you again to everyone who helped make this happen for the shep-ster!
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thank you so much for fighting for this boy.
Thank you so much for the update...I think of Shep daily and always wonder how he is doing. I know he is now sheltered under your wings of love and will be safe forever...thank you my friend.
Did you read....I might have me a Senior too!!!! I found an old dog Friday on my way to work-so far it appears he was dumped as nobody seems to be looking for him. I've called all the vets in town-nothing. I put up we shall see. I offered to foster him if need be with the humane society here if he doesn't pass his evaluation..and of course if its nothing serious that I can't work with, so we shall see. I thought it kind of strange that I would happen upon a dog in the street.. a senior GSD/?Rottie mix that might just be needing a home. Especially after all this with shep. And like I've said if he's a foster he doesn't fall under the three dog limit!!!!!!

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Originally Posted By: shilohsmomAnd like I've said if he's a foster he doesn't fall under the three dog limit!!!!!!

Yes Rosa & maybe just a LOOOOOOONG foster.
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SHEP-STER UPDATE!!! well, by the report i got earlier tonight, the boy is doing just great! still at the "spa" where they say he's filling out, eats great, snoozes on his rug, and gets to come out and be in the kennel/grooming salon while his caretakers work. they are having a hard time not becoming attached to him, and say he is a love and is just the happiest dog! he will be staying at hy hopes for another week or so, then he'll be neutered (little more extensive surgery than usual 'cause he's a monorchid), and then he'll come "home" with me. and if somehow a wonderful forever home materializes, that would be great...and if it doesn't, that would be great too, he can bunk here in the new "doggie den" until it's time to go to the bridge! thank you again to everyone who helped me save this dear soul. many blessings to you all!
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Glad to hear the Shepster is doing so well! He sure deserves it!
Thanks for the update....can hardly wait to see new pics!!!!
happy holidays to everyone from the pack here at shangri-la. new shep pictures and stories at:

new pictures of sera-blue and the cashman:

new holiday greetings on the photo blog:

and here we go, faster than the speed of light, towards 2008!!!
many blessings to all!!!
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For all of you that have not visited Katherine's site you are really missing out...She creates magic with the camera. Her work is breath taking...I melt. She has a true gift. Thank you friend...
Those pictures are beautiful!! He is so stunningly handsome!
I'll never feel closer to a dog on these boards as I felt towards Shep. Thanks so much for the update and the love you give to him.
Happy Holidays Katherine!

Glad to see Shepster is fitting in nicely at the new diggs! Cant wait to see pics of your new addition!
The blogs are beautiful, you are so talented. Surprized you have time between all your pooches and work.
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oh maureen, i'm surprised too!!! but then i work about 16 hours a day! not bad for an old retired girl! will get some pictures of the new rooms up on the blog soon! take care girl, happy new year, how's that dear harley-boy, have you found him his forever home yet? many blessings to you and your's!
please see the health section for a question i'm needing help with regarding the shepster's neuter surgery. thanks so much.
the shepster is doing really, really, great!!! he has found his forever home here. now that i've finally figured out the icons i'll get to photobucket soon!

new pictures at:
Beautiful pics Katherine! He is a beauty! He really does have soulful eyes! Thanks so much for giving him a room at your inn!! Your an angel!
an update and some new pictures of the shepster, he is just doing so great! enjoy...
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