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SAR dogs used to find....missing pets?

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This is advertised at least weekly on our local craigslist. I've always wondered how effective this really was. Certainly a variety of circumstances would likely effect things (quality of trainer and dog, length of time pet was lost, area known to be missing from, possibly direction of travel (?), whether you had a good item for the dog to obtain the sent from....etc?

What do you think?
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It might be legit or it might not, but there is a woman in California that is doing it successfully, and she has trained other dog teams as well. I've read her book, and it's wonderful: The Lost Pet Chronicles: Adventures of a K-9 Cop Turned Pet Detective (9781582343792): Kathy Albrecht: Books
There is a family in Australia who trains their dogs in SAR for lost pets. They usually find between 10 and 35 lost pets every two weeks or so. I would guess it would be along the same lines as finding people.
More info about Kat Albrecht: About Kat | Kat Albrecht: Pet Detective

And her blog, with case histories: PET DETECTIVE BLOG
I know of a woman here in CT, who has trained her setter to find lost CATS!:)

Apparently she went out west to train with someone and the dog was certified, and he's very good at his job;)
I had a beagle once, her name was Pink, and the neighbors asked me if she could find a lost hamster that got out of it's cage. She found it alright- the hard part was keeping from from eating it! That was the extent of Pink's SAR career
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