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You don't want to carry too much.

Small basic first aid kit. (real basic)
Cheap emergency poncho (the kind you can fit in a pocket)
A whistle. Fox 40 pealess. You should not go in the woods without one.
Definitely a basic orienteering compass and some flagging tape
Gloves (if you have briars)
Walking stick (they come in handy for many reasons - you can get a cheap one at Wally World)
lip balm
Extra socks (wet socks are real uncomfortable if you get wet feet)

For what you need at this stage, WalMart is just fine - Dicks Sporting Goods sells a fox 40 mini but I really had a hard time locating one locally when I lost my old one. They all sell them with peas in them.

I watch campmoor for closeout sales and brigade quartermaster and there are whole lots of places with neat gear.
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