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You better watch out, you better not pinch
You better not try to act like a grinch
Cause I've got my two eyes on you

I'm sitting here nice right next to her
Just checking you out and making sure
So I have my two eyes on you

I keep her safe from harm
I know when she's content
I'm the luckiest dog because of her
She came to me via heaven sent

So you better watch out
Keep your feet light
When you come to the yard
Keep it happy and bright

I'll have my two eyes on you


This was a chance encounter, a few years ago, with Santa while walking in town and probably the only one I will ever have with Santa and my guy. He was sooo good. Didn't care that a green elf was taking the pic.

Just as all here, I woke up to my best canine companion I could ever ask for. This is a good day.

May yours be the same.

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:dancingtree: Great photo and carol! Congrats to your gsd for behaving so well!
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