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Sam's Hips

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Today I had to take Gala for her final Hip and Elbow OFA certification. I decided to have Sam's done as well, not to send to OFA, but just to give me a peace of mind since I've never seen them and I do Agility with him. Right from the Vet's mouth..."Beautiful hips for a 6 year old!"
I have been so blessed with Sam, for those who don't know, he is a foster I kept when he was 14 months old. I could have never asked for a better temperament, nerves, beauty and health in a GSD. If I could clone him, I would have 20 like him!!
He is my heart and soul dog and I cannot even imagine life without him.
Here are his hip x-rays....

His Elbows also look great...

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That is great news! I am glad you had it done so you can rest assured he is healthy. Sounds like he is the perfect GSD! Congratulations to you both.
I agree - awesome news and it does give you peace of mind to know that he is healthy and can continue with Agility!
Great again!!!
Wow, those are great....looks like a 2 yr olds.

Good boy Sam!
Oh there are my Sam's innards!! They do look good for his age!
Well, his hip are, now how is his gut? Back to solid poops, I trust.
Yes, his gut is much better these days.

Thank you everyone!
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So glad to see he did so well too and that he is feeling better!!!
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