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I can usually understand a dogs body and vocal language.

However, my new 6 month old puppy that I have had for a month uses her same bark with different things and i am trying to understand what she is trying to say.

1.) When I come home or any other family member she does a high pitched bark, her ears go back, her tail wags, she whines, and she does a mouthy/nippy thing especailly at the dangling hands. (My best idea is that she is excited to see me, and is being rude with her mouthiness which i always try my best to correct, i ask her to sit and then wait for her to be quiet before i crouch and love her her up, when its another person i tell her to sit)

2.) When a new person she meets she barks and does a low growl, body crouched, ears pinned back, tail not wagging.. This is especially when the person looks at her in the eyes. When the person crouches down and reaches their hand a couple feet away she comes to their hand tries to sniff and then snaps at them with her teeth, usually does not make contact.. When a new person walks by our house and we are just sitting and the person doesnt say or look our way she is quiet and just watches.
(she seems to be fearful of all new people.. perhaps lack of confidence? Its especailly true when they make eye contact with her because that is a threatening body language.. How can i build up her confidence if this is true? if its just purely fearfulness how i can help her know she doesnt need to be afraid? I try standing in front of her and telling her to sit and she just wont stop looking at them and she usually doesnt listen to me either when she is in this mode..)

3.) When she wants to play with my sisters dog but my sisters dog doesnt want to play with her she will bark the same bark she does for the ones above. Is she just being a "brat"? Can dogs even be just "brats"? Dogs body language dont lie.. i know that for sure..

Got any ideas on the above? What she means and how i can help her?

* Just a few things for us to work on together. I do walk her around town at least 2 times a day for 20-30 minute walks.
* She starts her beginner puppy classes next Wednesday. I hope it will be good socialization as well for her with the dogs and humans. (I would have gotten her in sooner but i was waiting for the rest of her boosters/vacines before i went, as it is im "chancing" it with the town walks!

Thanks guys!!
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