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Salutations From the Hoosier State!!!

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hello to all. Thought i'd formally introduce myself and my gsd. I am a young housewife from middle of nowhere, Indiana. I have a husband and a baby girl due within the next couple weeks. We have a GSD named Missy. I have been raised with a german shepherd since i was very young, well it was my neighbors dog but no one told her that. she thought we were her kids. I have been training and showing dogs for about 5 years and mostly have been working with dobermans. we recently moved and my husband couldnt stand the thought of me home alone without a dog and i was not ready to be housebreaking a puppy while being pregnant so we adopted a super sweet but very shy shepherd from our local shelter. she had been tied out bred then tossed away when they got bored. shes undersocialized and pretty scared of new men but is making alot of progress since we go meet friendly people quite a bit. she still has some anxiety issues but is an amazing dog and stuck up my butt like a shadow (which i love!) Im a dog show, horse show, diesel truck fanatic and look forward to meeting alot of other gsd owners as this is a new breed for me ownership wise, i've always admired my girlfriends dog Kita, now we can both take our shepherds to the park and the best part is, they love each other! ahhh shepherd love... welp thats a lil of my story cant wait to meet fellow admirers and maybe some fellow hoosiers?
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im having some problems getting my prof. pic to show up but i'll keep working on it.
Welcome! And thanks for giving her the care. love and family she's missed- poor girl. I bet she's spoiled rotten now. When's the baby due?
Welcome! And thanks for giving her the care. love and family she's missed- poor girl. I bet she's spoiled rotten now. When's the baby due?
baby is due Dec. 5 of this year, though our doctor is predicting she will be here earlier than that.
you bet shes spoiled! She has more toys, collars and chewy's than she knows what to do with, so she does the best she can at demolishing all of them :) Im just happy to get her out of that cage she spent so long in, i hate seeing such a beautiful animal in a shelter. it took her probably about a week to even go near my husband, now shes obsessed with him (its almost sickening lol!!)
Welcome, I'm in the Hoosier state too.:)
Welcome and double congrats. Thanks for taking her in and giving her the good life she deserves!
Hello from West Virginia, and welcome. :)

I'm in Indiana, too, so welcome fellow hoosier! Hubby and i have 2 sheps, our female from a shelter and the newest boy is a rescue- Congrats on rescuing your girl, I know she is loving being in a good home!:hug:
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