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Safe garden hoses

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The Hooligans have three outdoor water bowls that I wash and fill with a garden hose. I've been using the "drinking water safe" hoses for many years but figured I'd post a message in case anyone is interested in reading about the danger of some garden hoses on the market.

I recently purchased a new one from Amazon. It's a 50', 5/8" Apex NeverKink Boat & Camper Reel hose - I paid $28.64 which included shipping. You can get shorter ones, I get the 50' so I can also water some of the plants along the front fence.
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Very interesting. Don't use them for my furcrew but good to know nonetheless.
Thanks SOO glad someone else has noticed garden hose from China NOT suitable for drinking from for both dogs and kids!!How often as kids did we drink out of a hose!!note do not let your kids or pets do it anymore and taking one step further -Is it OK to water your family veggie garden with this??
Thank you for posting - I had no idea. I may be looking at replacements.
I had no idea either. I drink out of the hose, my dogs bathe in water from that hose, and they drink water in a bowl from the hose! Also tomato plants are watered from the hose! AH! So today, I bought a nice new safe blue hose. Thank you for posting this!
Thanks. This is something I would've never given a 2nd thought about, especially for watering my vegetable garden.
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