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One of the Pit Bull dogs seized NFL Quarterback Michael Vick died on Friday.

The number-one cause of canine emergencies is automobile accidents.

"7" named after the number on Mike Vick's Jersey was an incredible dog with an amazing story. She was used as a "breeding dog" on the Vick property where rape stands were discovered, which are benches used in forced breeding and torture. Her face and legs were covered with scars from puncture wounds and tears from teeth where she had obviously been attacked by the males during breeding and fighting. She was pregnant when she was confiscated, and lost the puppies when she was spayed by veterinarians with the U.S. Justice department.

She was released to the Georgia SPCA and www. atlantapitbullrescue. com All or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue in Atlanta founded by "International Tattoo artist of the Year" Brandon Bond. "7" was placed in a foster home awaiting adoption. Her "foster dad" was simply waiting on the six months required by the Justice Department to adopt her. The pit bull had been undergoing intensive rehabilitation and training with "Mans Best Friend" a high end dog training facility located in Atlanta and was progressing faster than any of the other Vick dogs in GA.

Brandon Bond, who has been involved in hundreds of pit bull rescues and adoptions said on Tuesday, "She was so happy, full of life, curious, and not afraid of anything. She never showed one single sign of aggression, or unhappiness, it was like she had forgotten the horrors of her past entirely. Today is a sad day for animal lovers everywhere.


She was living with her new Dad in Florida, her foster parents name is not being released. She died as a result of getting hit by a car. "The death was completely a random accident, the driver of the vehicle was not at fault, in fact he stopped and picked up the dog to drive her to the animal hospital with 7's new Dad. It was not the dog owners fault either, she simply got out of a fence for 2 seconds, the owner of the dog is a wonderful man who has helped countless rescued pit bulls, and is torn up about it terribly, he's been crying so much its hard to even talk with him on the phone." said Brandon Bond. 7 died in the van before they reached the veterinarians office.

"She finally got to be a dog, for the first time in her life, she was happy, her new dad gave her the best six months of her life, and I know she was grateful for it, I could see it in her smile. She even slept in his bed with him. It's a terrible loss." Said Bond.

Her death comes right before the release of her film debut.

"VICKtory to the UNDERDOG, **** and Back"

A film by Stranglehold Publications and El Haney Productions.

To **** And Back is a vivid, behind-the-scenes look into pit bull rescue, chronicling the rehabilitation of 3 dogs seized from the property of Michael Vick. Featuring tattoo artist Brandon Bond (two time international "Tattoo Artist of the Year" and owner of the renowned ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO studio).

The documentary follows "Makaveli", "7", and "Chucky" through the chaos that surrounded their rebirth into loving situations. Entering Brandon's home, offices, shelters, and studios, the film gives the viewer a first-person point of view in understanding the rehabilitation process and the rigors of dog socialization.

The film will debut at several film festivals around the world this Fall, but will be made available to the public for purchase in the next few weeks.

DVDs can be ordered through www. strangleholdmerch. com with the proceeds going to animal rescue groups. "The end of the film just changed, and of course we are dedicating the entire project to her memory and her life." Said Brandon Bond.

A preview of this film can be viewed on youtube:

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=MzKyViUYGNQ

For more information go to http://www. atlantapitbullrescue. com

http://www. myspace. com/allornothingpitbullrescue

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What a heartbreaking story. Thank God that she was able to spend her last days with a loving family who obviously cared deeply for her. I hope that her family is not blamed for this horrible accident. It sounds like it was nobody's fault.
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