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RIP Dillon!

I am so so sorry foryour loss, but please take comfort tht your beloved friend is no longer in pain.

I, too, lost my best friend earlier this year, a beautiful female shar pei who had bad blood lines. She was only a puppy, and was in a lot of pain, but still wanted to be right beside me through it all. She passed away in my arms and I felt like itd never get easier... like Id never be able to bring home another puppy and love them as much... but alas about 8 months have gone by and even though I am crying as I type this I know Olivia is in a better place - just as I am sure Dillion is. I believe that they are with us daily, and want us to be happy, and are truly greatful for having such a great friend, to make the hardest decision a friend will ever have to make for them. The decision that they can't make for themselves.

I, too, now have a new love... she reminds me a lot of Olivia, but she is different, I love Olivia and she will always have a special place in my heart and mind, but now I feel like I can love and care for Jordan too. : )

Keep your chin up, from one friend to another, it will get better.


PS. I had her cremated and have made a little shrine on my headboard, I keep her pictures close, and think about her often.... this helps me. : )
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