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i'm sorry for your loss. Words are never enough when we lose one we care about. I think you can find solace in the fact you provided a great life and home for him while he was with you. He'll send another to you when the time is right. That knowledge is something many of us hold to because its been proved true so many times. Its okay to grieve and put away his things. You'll bring them back out again when you're ready. It will get easier. Time eases the pain. DM is nothing you caused, its just something that happens. Its one of those uncontrollable things and though, we wish we could never have to worry about them getting sick, it happens. Your furry boy is running free at the bridge waiting for the time you meet again so he can give you those wet slobby kisses with the full body happy to see you wiggle we all know so much. he's watching over you and looking for another to help fill the void you're feeling. I know its hard. Cry. be angry. Do what you need to do but dont shut your heart to another. One day another dog will call to you and you'll provide a loving home to another grateful friend. Listen to your dreams.
I suggest you write a letter to Dilly. Tell him everything you want him to know. Get your feelings out there. Burn the letter, stick it in a bottle and float it down a river, tie it to a balloon and set it free. However you want to get the letter to him is up to you but writing it may really help. Give it a shot.
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