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louisebarron: Three weeks is so soon. I imagine the sorrow must still be very intense. :teary: I lost my first German Shepherd to degenerative myelopathy. Like your Dillon, he was also a handsome and fun companion. At the vet clinic, he was very popular because he was such a flirt with all the vet techs--they all called him their big love monkey.

When he left me, I was so lost like you feel. The sight of his dish, his toys, his blanket, were all so painful and made the tears flow. He is buried out at the pet cemetery, and it did help me to visit often and leave flowers and or little toys. It was also very helpful to journal and write down our memories. I pasted in the journal the photos of when he was a baby and growing up into a handsome full grown dog.

Although it sounds like a cliché, the passing of time does heal and help. My heartfelt condolences to you. RIP Dillon.
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