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I know how painful this is for you -- just devastating.

I lost my Jasmine in July of 2009 at the age of 9. My Morgan girl died 2 years before that, almost reaching 10. And a few years before that, I lost my Tyler, who I had for 14 years -- most of my adult life.

Each time was devastating. After losing Jasmine, I didn't think I'd ever recover. Then, like magic, a year and a few weeks later, a friend sent me an e-mail titled, "Don't be mad at me..." and there was a Craigslist ad for a puppy -- a bad situation which was confirmed really bad when I called (after much hesitation). The next morning, I was determined to save this puppy from being a junkyard dog or backyard breeder. She was being kept in a crate about 20 hours a day and spanked for peeing in there.

I couldn't believe my heart was capable of such recovery when I got Layla last July.

So, the healing will come and your heart will recover. For now, just know people undestand, and, again, I am so so sorry for your loss.
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