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Sad 24 hours

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Man, we only have had Thunder 5 days, and already he is sick.

The last 24 hours have been some of the worst I can recall. He appears to have eaten something in our yard and its made him quite sick. He has the squirts and wee's, poops and for a part of the afternoon vomits/retches every 15 minutes it seems like. Our nerves are frayed. Vet gave him anti neasea drugs, worm tablet, and a flea treatment, and advised 100mls of water and a desert spoon of special canned food every few hours. I am so tired, and I have another long night ahead unfortunately. I am certain he will be fine in a few days, but man I am just shattered. Driving to the vet with Thunder Whining and Crying and Squealing was prob the closest I have come to tears in 10 years, I felt so utterly helpless and wanted to swap with him, just to give him an hour or two's break.

The good news is, when he doesn't need to poop, he is happy mostly, a bit quieter than normal.

/me wanders off to get coffee made before starting another shift.
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Did the vet x-ray him? Having personal experience with an obstruction caused by a sock (when I had Lucy 4 days, BTW) I always worry about that and his symptoms could certainly fit an obstruction.
She didn't x-ray but she gave him a very thorough examination and felt quite certain it wasn't likely that. We will be monitoring him quite closely.
Poor baby, hope he starts to feel better soon. Have gone through a stomach problem with an older dog, but never a pup, but I do sympathize with you.
Sorry he's not doing well. I hope he starts to feel better soon, and that you guys are doing okay - I know it's stressful.
Nope, not much better, he is drinking a little, and seems still REASONABLY upbeat, but the D is still prevelant, he gave us a scare with some bright red blood a few hours ago, but my sister assures me this isn't likely serious and a result of whats going on with him in terms of number of times he has been to the toilet. He is keeping small quantities of food down, but weeing and pooping (not much left mostly watery now). Its sad to see him like this, esp since 3 days ago I was blown away by how big and powerful he looked. I am going to try and get some sleep. They didn't test for Parvo, but the vet assures me it has distinctive signs and he isn't meeting them at all. Most likely something he ate.
Oh that has to be nerve racking. I hope you pup is on the mend soon.
Poor thing (both you and puppy). I'm sorry he is sick and hope he gets better very soon!
poor baby
Feel better, Thunder!
Oh poor little Thunder!

We had this with Havoc too and it turned out to be Coccidia and Giardia.
Yah they suspect Giardia, and he has been admitted now, on IV etc.. Quite distressing but I am 100% Confident he will be fine.

I am off to visit him again in about 20 minutes, the vet was impressed I would visit at all, I am shocked, that any pet owner wouldn't.
Parvo's distinctive signs are vomiting and diarrhea - beyond that it varies a lot. Actually, even those can vary.

Not sure how common parvo is where you are but I'd STRONGLY recommend getting him tested. It can't hurt but missing it could.
Tested and came back negative. The tests can sometimes product false negatives, but they are quite confident its not parvo. He only spit up a little twice, if he had parvo, he would have been vomitting hard out.

I went to see him this PM. He was glad to see me, but it was tragic him with his drip in. He is eating a little now and no trouble with being sick or anything. They are saying he MIGHT be home tomorrow.
BTW thanks for everyones kind comments. My wife and I appreciated it greatly.
When Havoc went through this they tested fro Parvo immediately and my heart was in my throat! It was negative and the vet felt it would be but that is pretty standard procedure whenever a pup comes in with V and D.

Many pups will have some digestive upset the first few days home as they work through the stress of a new place, different environment, water etc. But this should resolve on its own within about 48 hours. Havoc's did not and he ended up in the ER vet with dehydration and giardia. Who knows where he picked that up at but it seems relatively common also.

In Havoc's case this continued for a long time, lots of testing etc and all we have ever come up with is SIBO which flares up periodically.

Hope Thunder gets resolved and comes home quickly.
Come on Thunder! We are all pulling for you to get better quickly buddy!
We are pleased to let everyone know he is home from the hospital today, where all the vets and nurses adored him. He got first class care for being so cute I am sure
$470 later, but we are just happy he is home and doing much better. He has bounced around and cuddled and bounced around some more. He is still a little runny, but hopefully that will resolve in a few days.

Again, your thoughts and best wishes were much appreciated.
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