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"""I just heard from a family that owns two of my dogs. Both are from same sire and dam just different litters. The male is 85 pounds at a year but the female is weighing (according to the owner) maybe 30-35 she wasn't sure. She described her as tiny. BOTH of these dogs as puppies were 20 pounds at 8-9 weeks. Any ideas why the female has so slowed in her growth? Will she just be a small female at maturity of 55 pounds or so based on her current weight? Owner has not given me a height as of yet. Other females who are from this pair have matured to 80 pounds nearly!
Between the two litters there were 14 puppies and all have matured or are maturing at normal rate, some even growing larger than sire and dam. This one female seems to be the only one to be slow in growth. No other health issues have been conveyed to me other than she has become shy. Any ideas out there? She has been to regular and routine veterinary care with no issues other than small size."""

This is from a prior post. I finally heard back from the folks and the female weighs 56 # at 7 months so no problem. The male is 91 # so in comparison she was less than half his size. So I am glad everything is normal they had me worried for a while there!!! I guess they just forgot how little they start out and how much they grow in the first year.
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