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Runny nose

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Dogs are supposed to have wet noses right? Well what is normal and abnormal? I ask because I just read a thread that you don't want a dog to have a runny nose. If there is one, what would be the cause or things to look for? Allergies or a disease?
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I think there is quite a difference between a "wet nose" and a "runny nose". Normally, I am able to tell because with a "runny nose" they have little bits of water/snot coming out of their nostrils and with a healthy wet nose they do not. (just the actual fleshy part on the top is damp)

A runny nose could be any number of things. Allergies, a common cold, etc. When Sabre caught Pneumonia, one of the very first symptons I noticed was his runny nose.
I thought it was just supposed to be damp to the touch. My breeder told me at one point, you don't want it dripping. So if it is wet or shiny in the nostrils, is there something to be concerned about?
Yeah, that's pretty much the approach I take. Damp to the touch on the top = ok. Wet/dripping/snotty nose = not ok.

It can depend if there is something to be concerned about. As I said, it could be something as simple as a common cold, or it could be the onset of something more serious (such as Pneumonia in Sabre's case). It would have to be taken on a case by case basis.
One of my dogs gets a runny nose when he is starting to get car sick....then he starts to drool....then he... you don't want to know!
That's interesting and it looks like I'm taking Ava back to the Vet b/c she has a runny nose. I just had her their yesterday ... back we go!! I'm worried about this now.
It has always been my understanding that small clear dripping from the nose is normal, (especially when they are sleeping). You only need to worry if its thick, discolored, or excessive.
That's good to know. Thanks.
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