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Our Malik is over 3 years old, and my hb takes him on regular runs with him, anywhere from 45 mn to an hour. He seems to be fine in general, and my hb runs at a nice relaxed pace, so it's not like he's trying to break records. He even lets Malik take a dip in a couple of creeks. Not a lot of pavement running involved, just a little, it's mainly on trails.
Today he decided he wants to go further, about 1.5hr or so, something like 6 or 7 miles. I'm a tad concerned as Malik runs fine with him but in general doesn't have the energy of a lab, if you see what I mean. I just worry that it could be too much stress on him, or his paws, and am seeking advice on that.
As a note, he had surgery on one leg when 1.5 year old, but is totally fine now.
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