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So on a whim I got Kenya a black Ruffwear harness from REI. It was on sale and I've always thought they looked cool and good quality.

My problem....I'm not really sure what to use it for! Lol. I suppose she can just wear it around to be cool. What do you use yours for?

I figured in the summer she will wear it at the lake, but that's a ways off. Last summer I had her in a life jacket b/c if she were to fall off the dock or out of the boat I needed a way to lift her back in. Obviously she can swim and the life jacket is bulky, so the Ruffwear can me worn in case I need to lift her (yes, I'm paranoid, my cousin's dog fell off their dock, got her collar hooked on the dock, and almost drowned b/c she was stuck in the water so now she always wears a life jacket or lifting harness even though she is a labrador who swims in their pool every day).
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