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Ruby and Leo's most recent stacks

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lol - I dont know how good I am doing at these - but I thought I would share some of the pictures of Ruby and Leo from the Premier.

Ruby Stacked @ 14 months :

What I see with Ruby :

I really like her head and her ear set. I think her eyes could be a weeee bit darker but they're not bad, excellent leather pigment, good expression, she's got a pretty good shoulder, needs more withers, pasterns could be a little more upright, needs more chest, could have a little more bone, good angulation in the rear, good tail set, good feet, steep croup, good height (23.5), needs to gaaaaaiiin weight! She's got a high metabolism and a very athletic build and trying to put weight on her is like trying to beat my head into the wall!!

I dont have any good movement pictures of her where she's not being a clown - but she's got alot of front end movement.

What do ya'll think?

Leo Stacked @ 9 months :

And a Leo Movement Shot :

What I see with Leo :

Bone - he neeeeeds bone - that's going to be his weakest point. He's starting to show some of his secondary sex characteristics : some back skull, some rib spring...he's got a great earset, good pigment, steep shoulder, good pasterns, feet could be tighter, pretty good chest for his age, good topline but the croup is steep. In the one picture I know he looks like he has plug in tail - but that's mostly because he was in the pool the day before and had a cowlick - I wasnt feeling too grooming savy. Good expression, good rear angulation. He needs more bone. He moves like a tanker - tons of power in the rear and drives through that way - he's frequently got all four feet off the ground - though I think his front end needs to catch up with the rear.

Anyway - I kind of wanted to get what i thought out and see what everyone else thought

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Right now, Leo seems to be better balanced. Looks like he has nice movement. I would like to see more muscle tone and definition- that alone would improve his looks bigtime. Ruby also looks very nice, but at this point I'd like to see how she finally matures. Her topline looks a little odd and I also would like to see a motion photo. If you have closeups of Leo's stacks that would be great as these are tough to really examine.
Those are unfortunatley the only ones I got - I am going to try and Drag my Dad outside later this week when I stop by to grab some pictures in front of the bush which might help out better.

These are a sort of freestand picture I have of Ruby that shows her topline naturally a little better I think - I think perhaps I need some work on stacking her.

This is the closest thing I have to a decent trotting picture of her - but the ground was really uneven.

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I think they are both gorgeous. I think Leo just has some filling out to do, but, that is normal with males his age. Ruby is gorgeous. She has a nice head and beautiful face.
I like them both very much!!!
As Promised : these might be a little better (at least the one of Ruby might o_O)

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Leo just keeps getting better with age, so far. Males often go into a "teenage uglies" stage just after a year.

I wouldn't bait Ruby's head up so far. It makes her shoulder look even more upright. Try standing farther away (I know -- it takes work) and baiting her so that her muzzle is parallel with the ground.

Like this:

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Ruby is very nice, can't wait to see her filled out. I do wish she had a bit more bone, though. Leo really improved. He's long, but he does have decent bone and looks very nice. Ruby wins the tail beauty contest hands down.

Both look very good in their own right.
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Andaka - thanks for the advice! a friend suggested I try to get her to lean forward a little bit, and I think it did good things with the stack...but I need to push the Lure down.

And thanks to everyone for the critiques.

I think that GSD people like big fluffy tails...every time I post pictures of Ruby everyone comments on her big fluffy tail. I love it myself...and so does she...LOL - she uses it like a trollop...shameless girl o_O

Quote:a friend suggested I try to get her to lean forward a little bit, and I think it did good things with the stack.
If you stand farther away from her it will also encourage her to lean forward. If you stand too close, they tend to lean away from you.
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